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Fruit sorbet flavours


Fresh strawberry Pineapple Raspberry Lemon chocolate chip Lemon Peach Melon Apple



French Vanilla Whisky-infused kumquat Coconut with dulce de leche Russian ice-cream Panna cherry - Tramontana (vanilla ice-cream with fresh dulce de leche and with balls of vanilla biscuit covered with chocolate) Banana split - Vanilla ice-cream with strawberry pulp Super sabayon Mint chocolate chip - “Mantecol” (Argentinian ice-cream made of peanut butter) “Oreo” cream Lemmon mousse Passion fruit mousse Custard with dulce de leche cream Vanilla Blue sky cream - Almond ice-cream with toasted almonds Vanilla chocolate chip Banana ice-cream Strawberry ice-cream Berries ice-cream Tiramisu Mascarpone with strawberries - Frozen “bananita” (Argentinan dessert made of banana and of chocolate) Blackberry ice-cream - Lemon pie with strawberries (lemon mousse with strawberry pulp)

Dulce de Leche Flavours


Dulce de leche Dulce de leche chocolate chip Dulce de leche with brownie Dulce de leche with walnuts Super dulce de leche - Dulce de leche bonbon (dulce de leche ice-cream with chocolate bonbons that are stuffed with fresh dulce de leche)

Chocolate Flavours


Fifty percent dark chocolate Chocolate with rum-infused raisins White chocolate Black forest “Rocher” chocolate Chocolate with almonds - Chocolate ice-cream with white chocolate chips Dark chocolate “Marroc” (Argentinian chocolate made of white praline and of milk)

Glutten-free flavours


Chocolate Vanilla Vanilla ice-cream with almonds Dulce de leche chocolate chips -Frozen “bananita” (Frozen Argentinan dessert made of banana and of chocolate) Panna cherries Vanilla chocolate chip Strawberry Lemon Dulce de Leche French vanilla Russian cream Dulce de leche-filled chocolate Banana split Mint chocolate chip Strawberry ice-cream Berries ice-cream Chocolate with almonds Three-flavour dessert French vanilla ice-cream with almonds

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