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Fruit sorbet flavours


Fresh strawberry Pineapple Raspberry Lemon chocolate chip Lemon Peach Melon Apple Pink grapefruit with its juice



French Vanilla Whisky-infused kumquat Coconut with dulce de leche Russian ice-cream Panna cherry - Tramontana (vanilla ice-cream with fresh dulce de leche and with balls of vanilla biscuit covered with chocolate) Banana split - Vanilla ice-cream with strawberry pulp Super sabayon Mint chocolate chip - “Mantecol” (Argentinian ice-cream made of peanut butter) “Oreo” cream Lemmon mousse Passion fruit mousse Custard with dulce de leche cream Vanilla Blue sky cream - Almond ice-cream with toasted almonds Vanilla chocolate chip Banana ice-cream Strawberry ice-cream Berries ice-cream Tiramisu Mascarpone with strawberries - Frozen “bananita” (Argentinan dessert made of banana and of chocolate) Blackberry ice-cream - Lemon pie with strawberries (lemon mousse with strawberry pulp)

Dulce de Leche Flavours


Dulce de leche Dulce de leche chocolate chip Dulce de leche with walnuts Super dulce de leche - Dulce de leche bonbon (dulce de leche ice-cream with chocolate bonbons that are stuffed with fresh dulce de leche) Nutedull

Chocolate Flavours


Fifty percent dark chocolate Chocolate with rum-infused raisins White chocolate Black forest “Rocher” chocolate Chocolate with almonds - Chocolate ice-cream with white chocolate chips Dark chocolate Swiss chocolate Chocolate mousse Schietto chocolate “Marroc” (Argentinian chocolate made of white praline and of milk)

Glutten-free flavours


Anana- Cream Banana- Banana Split- Banana Dolca- Cherry- Chocolate- White Chocolate- Chocolate with almonds- Raisin Chocolate- Snowy Chocolate- Chocolate Rocher- Swiss Chocolate- Coco Split- Almond Cream- American Cream- Flan Cream- Russian Cream- Vanilla Cream- Sweet Candy- Sweet with Walnut- Dulce de Leche- Slush Milk Candy- Cream Strawberry- Natural Strawberry- Frozen Forest Fruits- Ice Cream Slush- Lemon Pie with Strawberries- Natural Lemon- Frozen Butter- Mascaporne with Strawberries- Minty Hail Frozen- Lemon Mousse- Passion Fruit Mousse- Whiskey Quinotos- Super Sweet Ice Cream- Super Sambayón

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